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Dark Lotus [Denim Jacket]

Dark Lotus [Denim Jacket]

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Design by Raf Reyes: in fashion's intricate world, the 🌹🥀 denim jacquard embodies ᵥresilience, turning thorns into ᵥroses, chaos into art 🪡👖 ~ a Black Lotus signals fresh starts from tha ᵥruins of the past 𖥸˚⊱ ~ this unique trio adorns bold individuals, moving beyond normal to embrace the Extraordinary 💫 [...] in its threads, they share a universal truth: ᵥreal innovation arises from destruction, beauty from ashes ~ destined to shine in VERYRARE™ ✨˚𑁍 ⋆ ⋆。°✩.

Materials: ᵥremarkable couture-inspired fil coupé jacquard denim (100% cotton | | | 430gsm) ~ VERYRARE "flowers tapestry" motif incorporates a subtle texturing (& softness), while the fabric has been worked & dyed to give a worn-in effect 🪡 [...] custom-molded branded buttons, embroideries all throughout 🌹~ this piece can be worn with matching pants for a total look 👖.




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• Unisex garment.


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