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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

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Design by Raf Reyes: beneath an elysian sky, a fallen angel sits defiantly... his once-pure wings *now tainted* symbolize his descent from heaven 🌩˖ [a single tear traces his cheek :: lost paradise ⇄ inner turmoil]| | | his fiery eyes challenge the viewer, embodying his ᵥrebellion/exile ⚔️ [...] the ᵥrocks around him are ᵥrough & hostile, the sVRrounding environment on which he sits 🔛 all mirror his ᵥrage/anger — — — once a revered being, he's now navigatin' everlasting Shadow(s), forever banned from his celestial home 🏞...

Materials: midweight 260gsm premium blend fabric (55% linen 45% viscose) :: to achieve the softest handfeel producible, delicate print with a touch of shine and crisp level of detail on body/front/back/sleeves//all throughout, concealed 100% custom-molded silver & enamel-poured front buttons ⇄ "flap" closure system (fastening in a double-breasted style on the front, with matching fabric covering the buttons, interior satin label sewn to leave no stitch marks at the back, tonal stitching.





• Even though the garment may differ from the model below, well it’s the same sizing (as in, we’re using the same size chart for both).

• True size/slightly oversiz'd recommended.

• Unisex garment.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.


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