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Starry Night

Starry Night

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Design by Raf Reyes: in Van Gogh's "the Starry Night", the ethereal & the infinite merge in a mesmerizing noctVRnal dance 🌌~ stars spiral like cosmic whirlpools, the moon ᵥradiates an otherworldly glow 🌙... below, a quaint village sleeps, dwarfed by cosmic majesty 🌠[...] Van Gogh's swirling strokes create a transcendent symphony of colors and shapes... the "Starry Night" beckons us to lose ourselves in the boundless universe, a ᵥreminder that even in darkness, celestial beauty endVRes, connecting us to the cosmos, way beyond earthly bounds 🎨✨~

Materials: premium jacquard woven tapestry fabric (410gsm polycotton), pockets @ front, ‘zig-zag rope’ bicolor-braided drawcords (elastic waist), detachable/removable legs (via antique-brass custom-molded zipper), embroidery @ front & back +++ transparent and white relief 3D silicon PVC sewn appliqué/patch +++ lining’s composition: 100% Supima cotton ~




• Even though the garment may differ from the model below, well it’s the same sizing (as in, we’re using the same size chart for both).

• True size/slightly oversiz'd recommended.

• Unisex garment.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.


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