We hand out some VERYRARE puzzle pieces as part of the brand’s ‘goodie galore’. 5-8 pieces given for every item u buy from us ♡ If you manage to complete the puzzle (24 pieces), we’ll give you an item of your choice from the webstore (average value of previous orders) 🔥🔥🔥 gogogogooooo

Here's our leaderboard [so far]


 Winners Date
Daniel P March 15th 2024
Fernando U February 28th 2024
Victor P February 06th 2024
Donald Q January 25th 2024
Harry B November 17th 2023
Lea M October 1st 2023
Edward W August 29th 2023
Raphael F August 16th 2023
Emma I May 08th 2023
Mary M April 20th 2023
Mark V February 18th 2023
Vincent L January 12th 2023
Noah T November 2nd 2022
Victor L October 17th 2022
Mark G September 4th 2022
Jacob S July 18th 2022
Wyatt H June 12th 2022
Nick E April 29th 2022
Lucas G April 1st 2022
Anthony P January 5th 2022
Patrick A November 10th 2021
Marcus B October 4th 2021
Noah W September 18th 2021
Zack W July 4th 2021
Leo R May 20th 2021
Zack W March 20th 2021
Nathen G March 3rd 2021
Luiss G January 21st 2021
Arthur P December 10th 2020
Ian C November 5th 2020
Noah W October 18th 2020