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Goodie Galore [package]

Goodie Galore [package]

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VERYRARE's "goodie galore": giving back to tha people an insane out-of-tha-box take on V®️R®®'s cultVRe, featuring a bundle of art and design/different goodies innit 🎁💝 ~ as part of our ethos to treat each and every customer like family [like it should be done post-2020](year of vɛri ˈrɛər's foundation) ~ ❤️

Content 📦: each package includes a 40-pager VOAT® zine, "vRank" sticker [☞ :: to put in tha physical Panini-type like zine (that we give U 🔛 order n°1), five puzzle pieces (you get a free VERYRARE garment 👕 when you complete it 🧩) &&& the corresponding goodie according to your vRank (wooden plane, bottle opener, magnet, etc) 🏆~





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